Established in 2003 as a response to the infrastructure need of Iraq after war Gulf and to provide the tools for Iraqi reconstruction Program launched by many local and international firms.

This company, as being part of the group, contributed in many huge reconstruction projects in the water and wastewater projects starting late 2003.

The main projects awarded were for the following sectors:

1-   Conventional and compact water treatment plants

  • Hartha united water treatment plant (WTP).

  • Al Mouhad Conventional WTP.

  • Garmat Ali (1) compact WTP.

  • Garmat Ali (2) compact WTP.

  • Ar Rybat compact WTP.

  • Shat Al Arab Conventional WTP.

  • A 22 KMx400mm Pipeline from Khor Az Zubair WTP to Safwan PS.

At the end of the renovation project a (15,000 M3/hr) was pumped to Basra town.

Contractor: Bechtel International Sys Inc.

Employer: Basra water Directorate.

2-  Installation of new 3x 70M3/hr potable RO Units

     Client: Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) South

     Scope of work: Installation of 3×70 M3/hr RO units

     Construction of intake water unit on rivers, construction of 3x 400 M3 storage tanks Installation of power plant.

      Location: Jubaila and Qurna, Basra.

The successful completion of this project added around 200 M3/hr drinkable water in two locations in Basra, this milestone was contributed into the control on the shortage of potable water after the dropping of the state sector factories after Gulf war 2003.

3-    Refurbishment of sewerage Pumping Stations (3,6,9,16,&17) in Basra

        Client: Bechtel International Sys. Inc.

        Scope of work: Installation of new submersible pumps, piping, fittings and accessories.

        Replacement of power sources and emergency power generators.

        Replacement of control panels and level sensors.

        Construction of new operator and guard houses.

        Location: Hay Al Hussein, Basra

       The challenging period for completion salvaged the neighborhoods of around third of Basra city to be flooded with raining water in winter 2005.

 4- Construction of Sewage water treatment plant for 20,000 population

     Client: Ministry of Municipalities and public works/ Sewerage general Directorate.

     Scope of work: Construction of concrete tanks for screening, Oil and solid removal tanks, clarifies, collection tanks, aeration tanks and drying beads.

     Installation of electro-mechanical equipments  (pumps, screen, shredder, bowering units, sold handling equipments., nozzles, filters, chlorination units, valves, fitting and accessories, Generators and ATS).

     Installation of power transformers, MV & LV switchgears panels boards, cabling , lighting and wiring).

     Location: Samawah city, Muthana Governorate.

    The operation of that project was considered of the pioneer projects in the emission of the pollution footprint on Euphrate river in Samawa, it was of the earlier projects completed successfully after the war  2003.

5 – Rehabilitation of Nasiriyah United WTP.

     Client: USACE-GRS

    Scope of work: replacement of 3x high lift pumps, Q:1,000 M3/hr, head 160 meter, pump set with motor of 3.3KV   power 650 KW.

    Replacement of 3x low lift pumps, Q:1,000 M3/hr, H: 20 M, pump set with motor of 380 V , power 60 KW.

   Supply and installation of control panels for 3.3 KV and 380 V, 3xpower 1MVA transformers 11/3.3KV, 1x power   1MVA transformers 11/0.4 KV, HV,MV,LV cabling and trucking.

   Supply and installation of 6x Alum Dozing units, and 2 chlorination systems.

   Operation, maintenance and training on the supplied materials and equipments

Basra water works currently is supporting the agricultural project of the group, to provide the irrigation network, the water treatment and RO for livestock facilities in the 500 hectare land project.