Ratba’a Contracting Co. LLC


Meaning in Arabic:

Ratba’a (in the ancient JAZEERA Arabic) means the Healthy and well-stand Camel and was later used to refer to everything which is well organized


It was founded in 2001 by the owner family and managed by the first generation of engineers just after their university graduation under the supervision of the older founders.

Physical Address:

137/11/7 Taleemy Hospital Street

Bradiyah-Basra – Iraq

P.O.Box: 2746 Ashar

Tel: 00964 780 911 6175



It was started with infrastructure and general buildings projects in the middle and southern of Iraq.

  • In 2002: it was awarded the largest marine contract with the ministry of transportation in Basra and it was the landmark which made headquarter moved into Southern Iraq.

  • After the war 2003, it launched its infrastructure projects with the international and worldwide contractors.

  • In 2005 harvested the first rank of the local companies by the classification of Ministry of planning.

  • 2010: starting the Oil and Gas construction projects in the southern and middle of Iraq with national and international Oil operators.

  • 2013: acquiring the ISO certificates (9001, 14001, 18001).

  • 2015: one of the pioneer Iraqi local construction companies in the Oil and Gas sector.

Ratba’a in figures (updated 2016):

  • Peak number of manpower: 800 plus.

  • Peak number of annual Man.Hour: 1.6 Million plus.

  • Number of owned equipment (Fuel engine):350 plus.

  • Number of branches: 2

  • Number of the Base camps: 8 in Oilfields.

  • Number of workshops: 3/ Area 3500 M2.

  • Number of prime customers/Oil operators: 10.


  1. General construction in Oil and Gas fields.

  2. Maintenance and emergency response on called-off projects.

  3. Oil services.

  4. Infrastructure Projects.

  5. Water and Waste water treatment.

  6. Power Generation and transmission.

  7. Marine construction & Dredging works.

Sister Companies:

  1. Ratba’a Oil services company (LLC)

 This company was founded as response to the local laws and regulations and for the same shareholders; this company is taking care of the oil service nature projects.

  1. Basra water works Co. (LLC)

BWW had been established as response to the need of an operation and maintenance entity who would take over the project from complete CONSTRUCION into PRODUCTION  phase.


For more information on the Company please visit (www.ratbaa.com )