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About Us:






Haj Aboud Al Khalidy and Sons’ group was established by the founder (Haj ABBOOD ABDUL ABBAS AL KHALIDY) in the early 1968 in Baghdad.

The family of Al Khalidy was working in the history since the Ottoman authority on many trading and industrial activities in the Middle Euphrates of Iraq.





The group, represented firstly by its founder, and then continued by the son’s generation, had achieved many outstanding milestones which can be addressed as in below:


Trading with industrial raw materials (Plastics/polymers, textiles & yarns, chemicals, leather, edible food, metals, papers and dyes, paints and solvents) Shourja Souq , the Baghdad Grand Bazzar.


Industrial factories to support the raw materials trading (plastics, spinning and weaving, leather tanning, paper printing).


Moving to the international trading of Industrial raw materials, opening its branch in Amman-Jordan.


Contracting on the supply of the raw materials to the Ministry of Industry in Iraq, on the memorandum of understanding between Iraq and UN, and the bilateral agreements with Turkey, Syria and Egypt.


Foundation of the legal firm of construction company (Ratba’a Contracting Co. LLC).


Awarding a marine work contract for the shipwreck removal in Shat Al Arab.


Foundation of the Iraqi Basra Trading company, supply of the food materials to the local markets


Foundation of the Iraqi Basra company for water Treatment (Basra Water Works Co. LLC)


Harvesting the first rank of civil and MEI in the classification of Iraqi Ministry of planning for its construction activities.


Acquired its marine equipment and marine projects


Record number of 65 infrastructure project for national and international clients.


Launching the Oil and Gas construction projects with national and international oil operators.


Foundation of the agricultural and livestock production in the Seeba- Basra.


Acquiring the recognized management certificates ISO (9001, 14001, 18001)


Upgrading the food wholesaling into international markets (vegetable oil, sugar, rice).


Foundation of the Basra company for Food Packaging (BFP)



Financial Assets:


All the group assets (fixed, movable and liquefied) are all located in Iraq and is sourced from the owner family.



Financial Stability:


It is one of our group policies is to operate and develop our projects depending on the group own assets without supporting form Banks and Joint Ventures.

This had been created a credibility and stability for our finance.



 Creativity And Excellence:



The Group was creative in the following points:



Plastics raw materials trading

Foundation the market in early 1979 after the governmental allowance to the private sector

Yarns and textiles

Provision of replacement grades from the local production rather than importing, in the period from 1990 to 2003

Commodity exchanges

Bartering the raw materials with final products for the Iraqi state factories

Marine works

Discovering the application of Expanded polymers in the salvaging and shipwreck removal from the Iraqi waterways

Bilateral agreement

Exporting the Iraqi final products and importing the raw materials for the Iraqi state factories.

Management of the construction projects

Healthy management systems, and optimization for the forehand resources to obtain the Customer satisfaction according ISO 9001.


About Founder


Personal Biographical Data for Haj Aboud Al Khalidy


  • Birthday: 1/7/1949 in Najaf city, Iraq.

  • Address: Najaf up to 1969

               Baghdad 1969-2002.

               Basra Till 2002.

  • Education degree: Bsc in Law science, Ministry of Mustansiriyah, Baghdad-Iraq 1976.

  • Marital status: Married, has 9 Sons and 5 daughters.

  • Achievements:

As sole private sector, he established the following entities in his past history :

–           Al SA’AD plastic factory 1969, Najaf.

–           Al NISREEN plastic factory 1970, Baghdad.

–           Eagle metal industries factory 1975, Kadhimiyah, Baghdad.

–           Bani SA’AD  for fish farming  1980, Diala.

–           Engineering industries factory, Hurria 1984, Baghdad.

–           Al Asri Bureau for raw materials trading , SHOURJA 1984, Baghdad.

–           ZEENA textiles factory, Kadhimiyah 1986, Baghdad.

–           Union center for marketing food, SHOURJA 1991, Baghdad.

–           Tea packing factory (Fakhir), Industrial zone JAMILA 1993, Baghdad.

–           Al Mada’en trading company LTD, 1993 Baghdad.

–           Al Mada’en plastic ropes and sling webbings Co. LTD, Falluja 1994, Anbar.

–           Al Mada’en Plastic wrapping materials Co. LTD, Falluja 1994, Anbar.

–           Al Mahmoudiyah plastic paints factory 1994, Mahmoudiyah, Baghdad.

–           GHARBIYA plastic Co. LTD, 1995, BOB Al SHAM, Baghdad

–           TOUBCHI plastic industries factory, AL SALAM 1995, BAGHDAD.

–           Al Diyar shoes industries co. LTD, 1996, Al SALAM, Baghdad.

–           Al Rasheed textiles Co. LTD, Industrial zone OWAIRIJ 1996, Baghdad.

–           Al Ratba’a General Contracts Co. LTD, 2001, Baghdad.

–           Basra water works Co. LTD, 2003, Basra.

–           Iraqi-Basra Trading company LTD 2003, Basra.

–           Seeba Farms 2011.

–           Basra Food Packaging Co. 2017.




–           Basra chamber of commerce, excellent degree.

–           Iraqi businessmen Union.

–           Iraqi contractors union.

–           Iraqi industries union.

–           Food trading association.

–           Iraqi Plastic Industries association.

–           Iraqi trade development center, Basra.

  • Political activities: None.

  • Non- profit and social Activities:

– Haj Aboud Al Khalidy is a researcher in Holy Quran sciences and has contribution in the Islamic instate for the modern strategic studies (http://www.islamicforumarab.com).

– He presented after 2003 many of economical studies and researches for Iraqi R&D institutes, some of them were published in Basra Economic Magazine (El Eqtisadiyah),

– Studies presented to Iraqi trade development center, other presented to Ministry of trade and ministry of industry.

– In the years 2011 to 2016, he presented many legislation projects to Ministry of Agriculture, some of them were stimulating the ministry to enhance the agricultural legislation, especially in the law No 35.

– He is managing, on his own cost, the campaign to increase the awareness of the local traditional village products, encouraging the fresh food marketing.

– He is stimulating, on his own cost, a campaign to recycle the food waste and other valuable green recycled materials (leather, wool, …etc.)