Basra Food Packaging Co. LLC


Founded in 2017 by Haj Aboud Al Khalidy group as response to the market needs and awareness for a healthy and hygienic food distributed in the southern Iraq.

The packaging process is in different classifications:

  1. Fresh food packaging.

  2. Dairy milk processing and packaging.

  3. Cooked food canning.

  4. Bulk food and Feed granules bagging.

  5. Fresh meat processing and packing.


The company facilities are distributed over (6) different locations in Basra town and peripheral villages to be closer to the places of production and spots of consumption.

The company, with five owned factories, is planning for a bigger production to cover wider ranges to include the southern of Iraq governorates.

The plan is to produce the following food stuff:

  1. Pasteurized fresh Buffalo dairy milk, yoghurt, cheese, cream, and ice cream.

  2. Fresh and refrigerated meet processing (Burger, sausages, Kebab,..etc)

  3. Pasteurized fresh juices.

  4. Canned and autoclaved traditional Iraqi food.

  5. Bread and doughs, traditional fermentation (no industrial yeast or enhancement additives).

We are still young in this line of business, but we are paving the roads to elevate the realization of the society to employ its owned resources of fresh food production, which is margined over decades as a lack of the confidence in the hygienic process that the traditional ways of processing, in this way, we are bringing our socio-commitment into our business.