Commodities , Foodstaff and General Trading


General information:

  • Year of establishment: 2003

  • Total Number of permanent employees:55

  • Number of warehouse: 3

  • Total storage net surface:8,000 M2.

Physical address:

Al- Wofood St. Bldg. No. 41/3 – Basrah – Iraq B.O. Box. 431 Ashar Mailing office 42001

Tel: +964 7801001298 – 7702553228

Activities of IBC can be classified as:

  1. Wholesaler distributor

Edible food

IBC is one of the Pioneer companies in the importing  and distribution of palm oil, sunflower oil, blend oil, vegetable ghee, peas, sesame, rice, tomato paste, and Natural juices.

Detergent and antiseptics:

IBC is marketing mostly their brand names of Toilet soap, laundry detergents, odorants, and household detergents and antiseptics.

  1. Suppliers of raw materials

We have vast expertise in the marketing of raw materials for different lines of industry (polymers, yarns and textiles, structural steel, leather tanning materials, paints & solvents, and machinery).

Our main customer are receiving their orders on contract basis (not as stockiest).

  1. Exporters of Iraqi products

IBC is exporting Iraqi products to the consumers worldwide, such items can be classified as:

Agricultural products: main palm dates, cow leather (tanned or salted) sheep wool, and recycled materials.


As one of IBC targets is to provide a better quality products to consumers in southern Iraq.

For the sake of such goals, we are selecting with a potential care the types of food and other products with recorded compliance to the Iraqi and international standards.


IBC pursuing its policy to secure the fundamental pillars:

  • Quality of products.

  • Health and safety of product.

Our policy is not to compromise on the quality of the products, nor on the health and safety of use of our products, to achieve this goal, we targeting the bigger international markets to make a direct bridge between producers to the shelf of markets .

IBC is so flexible in collection of payment from its customers, and is very active in terms of delivery, warehousing and loading/unloading, this mode of distribution had been boosted the sales and harvested the customer satisfaction.

Quality control:

All of IBC merchandized products are according Iraqi and international standards.

All our imported materials are subjected to a third party inspectors (BV or TUV) at the port of delivery or country of origin.

We have solid records to trace on our warehousing, distribution log, and storing conditions, all our materials are seriously followed with our customers.