Farming And Agri-Business


What we do in agri-business:

This type of business was formally founded in 2011 by the acquiring of the 2000 Iraqi Donum (500 Hectare) concession field in the Seeba district south of Basra.

It was started with a plenty of challenges of the soil high salinity, shortage in water resources, power, roads and infrastructure.

This land is now fruiting:


post production


Barley and Corn

50 Donum coverage area

1,500 Donum

Poultry farms

125,000 Kg of live weight per month

400,000 Kg per month

Calf breeding

20,000Kg live weight per month

100,000 Kg per month


80,000 Kg fresh vegetables per month

400,000 Kg per month

Goals and Targets:

It’s one of our goals is to provide the fresh food in an affordable rates that can exchange the frozen or exported products, this will run into the group interest, into the socio-economic rank, and into the human health at the end.

Our challenges:

As being an agricultural stakeholder in south of Iraq is classified as challenger.

Water variants, salinity, shallow salty ground water, power and electricity, shortage of fuel, limited access of processional services, and incomplete economy legislation are all considered %2